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A family business for 50 years
Proud to be celebrating 50 years providing high quality services to the people of Cheshire.
Celebrating 50 years serving the local community.
We are long established, independent, family run and operate to the highest professional standards.
Dudley and Kath Hopley started Hopley Tyres 50 years ago, and now their son Carl has joined them along with six loyal and trusted employees.

Hopley Tyres is an independent family business which has been dealing with the local community, business and farmers of Cheshire for many years.

Their aim is to provide a SERVICE SECOND TO NONE and work hard to maintain standards. Their staff are highly trained, caring and experienced and have been with them for a long time which helps to create continuity of service and excellence.

They will always continue their 'quest' to 'be the best' and hope to be recommended by their loyal customers.

They have many customers who have been with them since they started and hope that this will continue for many years to come.