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A family business for 50 years
Tyres are just fit and forget right?

Well, actually. no. They are an essential part of the car, obviously, but do more than just move you about, they are your only contact with the ground so it is important that they are correctly fitted and set up.

What's important?

Balancing: If you experience vibration while driving, your wheels may need balancing. We balance every tyre we fit, but we can check and balance those already fitted to your car. Including closed-centre and wire wheels.

Tracking: Does your car pull to one side or the other? Do your tyres show uneven wear? If they do, you may need your tracking checking.

4 Wheel Alignment: Do all your wheels point in the same direction - we can check to see if they do.

If you have any concerns or questions, call us or call in to see us, we'll be happy to help.
Each and every tyre we fit is balanced using a machine like this (top). We use counterbalance weights made of Zinc (above) We don't use Lead anymore.

If your wheels vibrate even when you're going along a smooth bit of road, perhaps they need balancing, call in for a check.
We use the latest machinery to safely accomodate runflat tyres and protect your valuable alloy rims from getting scratched.