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Winter Tyres
The second part of the law says that the 1.6mm measurement must be across the central 3/4 of the tyre - see above

This means that at any point across the main part of the tyre, the tread depth MUST BE NOT LESS THAN 1.6mm.
Although winter tyres are a relatively new addition to the UK tyre market, in many European countries it is now considered a common part of the motoring routine to change from summer to winter tyres. Although the UK does not suffer from as extreme winters as many parts of Europe, we do have many days that are cold and in recent years a surprising ammount of ice and snow. Previous winters have resulted in chaos on the UK roads with many people struggling to even get out of their road or driveway.
How do they work?:
Winter tyres should really be called "cold weather tyres" as it's not just in ice & snow that they out perform traditional summer tyres.
At 7°C and below standard tyres begin to harden affecting their ability to grip roads. Winter tyres have advanced silica compounds to stay flexible at lower temperatures, this coupled with specially designed tread patterns which are better able to clear water and snow means they have hugely improved grip
not just on snow and icy roads but in all weather conditions below 7°C .
Do they really make a difference?
Cold Weather tyres can reduce braking distances by up to 50%.
A typical car travelling at just 30mph on snow will take 48m to come to a halt with Summer tyres – a scary 24m more than if the same car is equipped with Cold Weather tyres*.

We carry large stocks of winter tyres through the winter months and will be happy advise on the best choice for your car.

Even if you decide against winter tyres please do call in for a FREE tyre check and make sure your tyres are safe for winter driving.
Not just for snow & ice
*Test carried out in 2007 by independent testing body “Test World” in Ivalo, Finland using 195/65 R 15.
External link: Visit the Michelin website